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"Jewellery is no longer just an accessory; I see it as an extension of one’s emotional and personal expression"

Fiorina Golotta
Founder, Fiorina Jewellery

Established in 1994, Fiorina Jewellery has evolved weaving an aesthetic of old world charm such as Victorian, Byzantine, Etruscan and Art Deco eras complimented with the energy and insights of the new world.  Fiorina’s vision founded an outlet for those seeking distinct and bespoke quality jewellery.

The collection is articulated with antique coins, tassels, charms, beautiful precious and semi-precious gems including pearls and the finest Italian chain.  Fiorina's exclusive designs are a unique play of elements, creating modern-day talismans.

These highly decorative jewels transcend generations and each piece carries the sentiment of a family heirloom. Fiorina Jewellery is a leader in the art of quality, handmade designs, often in limited editions making them highly collectible pieces. Its exclusive nature and artisan quality have attracted an international clientele.

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